Resolution 1: Upgrading your Brew Station

Water • Filter • Scales • Dripper • Kettle • Sipware


Water is 98% of your brewed coffee. Using a consistent source of water lays a strong foundation for your brewing journey, because the minerals in water does affect the extraction and influences the perceived flavor of your brew.

Let's start with a controlled water source. All you need is a gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water - and add a pack of mineral supplement. This mineral supplement, formulated to aid optimum extraction, helps to realize the full potential of your coffee, and protects your brewing equipment like hot water kettles and coffee makers from limescale build up.

It's simple. Why not brew better?

Weighing your coffee and water for a repeatable brewing process

Only through a repeatable process that we can start experimenting tweaking the small details.

The Timemore Black Mirror scale is an affordable and practical tool to be included in your journey.


We offer great performance grinders that are practical, aesthetically pleasing, and fit your budget.

Refilling your filter and water needs in one go

Choose the type of filter that is suitable for your brewer. To start with, conical filters provides optimum air flow along the channels of the grooved Origami Dripper. The result is a sweeter, cleaner cup.

Brew like a champion

The Origami Drippers, featured on stage with current World Brewer's Cup Champion, carries 400 years of Minoware tradition.

A process that requires 12 hours of kiln time under 2750˚F, these high density drippers provides high performance and beautiful aesthetics for your enjoyment.