Our Origins

An immigrant from Hong Kong, Anita is an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST) and a leader in the specialty coffee competitions community. Anita Tam was inspired to bring new light to the specialty brands creating stunning coffee products and accessories. Likewise, she envisioned an industry with equity as a cornerstone where everyone is given the opportunity to showcase their potential and thrive. In 2018, her inspiration came to fruition when she founded Slow Pour Supply®.

It all started with WPM’s uniquely crafted latte art and milk pitchers. Since then, our collection has grown to include April, Orea UK, Origami Japan, Timemore, Sibarist, and beyond.


Specialty Coffee is a preparation process.

As the timeless adage goes, the journey is more important than the destination.

At Slow Pour Supply®, we believe in the importance of both the journey and the destination. It’s about not only what goes into your cup, but also the mosaic of hands that came together to make it happen. How it was made and prepare is what makes it specialty.

As a testament to our belief, we sought out the best coffee making tools to help you enjoy every sip and improve your bar-flow.

Flow is in everything we do.

a mindfully Curated portfolio of Products

Our expanding repertoire includes latte art cups and pitchers, manual coffee grinders, and a myriad of pourover coffee maker products such as brewers, kettles and filters.

Feel free to browse our coffee tools and accessories. Whether you’re making a few cups for family and friends at home or brewing up something special for your community at your coffee shop, we empower our patrons to put their hearts into every pour.

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