USCC Preliminaries / Coffee Fest Competitors Sponsorship

Each year Slow Pour Supply sponsors discounted items to baristas and latte artists who compete in national or regional level competitions. Our goal is to empower and foster diversity in these major competitions.

If you are interested in the sponsorship, please send us your information to

Everyone is eligible to apply. However we want to encourage competitors who identify with the groups below to reach out to us.

This is not a weighed lottery sponsorship. The earlier you apply in your preparation period the higher the chances you are going to be sponsored. We are going to be reviewing your materials independently but not against each other.


2/ People of Color

3/ People with Disability

4/ Veterans

5/ Trauma Survivors / Post Treatment Survivors, including: Mental Illness/ Serious Illness/ Substance Abuse and has gone through formal treatments.

You might be asked to send in a copy of your competition application to us.

Due to the time needed to review these applications, as well as to get use to new tools in order to fully utilize its full potential, please understand the need to have at least 4 weeks lead time for the application to process. We cannot send products with a timeline less than 6 weeks leading to the competitions.