SIBARIST graycano Special Edition Fast Cone  Filter
SIBARIST graycano Special Edition Fast Cone  Filter
SIBARIST graycano Special Edition Fast Cone  Filter
SIBARIST graycano Special Edition Fast Cone  Filter
SIBARIST graycano Special Edition Fast Cone  Filter

SIBARIST graycano Special Edition Fast Cone Filter

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 As a safety precaution, all filters are final sale and not returnable.


A perfect fit with your graycano

Reinvent your recipes, reach new cups, and rediscover your coffees!

Made specifically for the graycano brewer, the SIBARIST Special edition graycanois a conical filter redesigned to fit perfectly with the graycano brewer.

This special edition has the proper angles and diameters to ensure a perfect fit over the Lava Ribs, promoting even extraction through maintaining water flow and temperature consistency, allowing you to accentuate the floral notes and fruit forward notes yet maintaining a balance cup quality using lower range water temperatures. 

comparison between SIBARIST graycano version and regular SIBARIST Cone S 



The science behind the Graycano Special Edition Filter:

The graycano special edition is a redesigned SIBARIST CONE S FAST Specialty Coffee Filter. Its angle was adjust to fit the internal conical walls of the graycano dripper, which has a different angle as other conical drippers (for instance the V60).

With just a slight angle difference of -2,75o on the filter shape (once folded), the new filter fits perfectly over the graycano Lava Ribs. This prevents unwanted and random filter positioning, like tilted sitting or uneven contact with conical walls.The most common causes of uneven brewing are uneven extractions and inconsistent consistency. This adjustment brings the filter to a perfect fit for high consistency in extraction and flowrate.

Each time when the paper filter sits differently inside the graycano dripper, it disrupts these circulations by either detaining or enhancing air and water flow. Even if no factor was changed intentionally, an extraction recipe can have different results. 

Using the special edition filter inside the graycano dripper ensures consistency in coffee extraction. In this way, air and water circulation between the filter and dripper are greatly improved.

This graycano Special Edition filter extracted in a slightly slower drawdown, but with a much smaller variation in time: 3 seconds. The CONE S had a drawdown time difference of 7 seconds

As a result of the wider angle of the regular CONE S, there are more air gaps in certain places depending on where the filter is placed.

The time difference and dispersion might increase under normal brewing conditions and with different pours.

A graycano Special Edition Coffee Filter is made from the same material and structure as the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter, which gives the paper rigidity to maintain its conical structure during brewing. Furthermore, this combo ensures faster extraction times.

In addition, the new graycano Special Edition filter has an adjusted height. The dripper body has no overpass, which allows the barista to pour much closer to the coffee bed. This allows for a more controlled and balanced flow of water during extraction. Aside from improving the efficiency of your brew recipe, this also enhances the combination's visual appeal.

The graycano Special Edition filter from SIBARIST is the result of a successful collaboration between the two companies and professional barista Martin. This collaboration has truely created a new way to brew coffee for all coffee lovers around the world.

 As a safety precaution, all filters and minerals are final sale and not returnable.


The selection of materials and Sibarist's manufacturing process are focused on achieving the highest possible quality over any other factor, while always respecting process sustainability.

The FAST line is composed of a mixture of abaca fiber from plantations in Ecuador and the Philippines (where the product consumed is replanted every year to then be harvested, offering a sustainable process, with batch control and chain of custody), cellulose fiber from European pine plantations (FSC and PEFC) and organic plant-based (non-fossil) polylactic acid.

The main component, abaca fiber, is finer and more porous than other fibers, giving FAST paper good permeability (leading to a higher extraction speed), while offering great tensile and tearing strength in wet conditions, bringing structure and resistance to the composition, with a low substance (less paper). Additionally, the fibers are pulp made from non-wood fibers. This facilitates clean in-plant processing, essential for eliminating the presence of external flavors in the cup and for offering a high-quality filter, while it can also be processed in a more sustainable way.

“This is a product with a history similar to that of a coffee bean. Its whole process is reflected in the cup, in the form of possibilities, irregularities, aromas and flavors. We must measure up.”



The CONE is the premium conical filter that provides faster, even and continuous flow for coffee brewing. It also provides a clean and silky result in your cup. Its unique FAST Specialty Coffee Filter technology makes it possible to explore new extraction conditions and recipes, which have been limited until now.


Experiment with fine grinds and short pours with large amounts of water that stirs up the coffee bed, or conversely, use coarse grinds and long fine pours while maintaining a low water level with a full pulse and drawdown control. 


The filter’s permeability enables a faster flow providing an extraction drawdown 15-40% faster than other filters.



The fast flow Sibarist filter  is less likely to choke or clog during the brewing process. Get the most out of your washed coffees or push your grind size limits to experience the full potential of your coffees.



The filter’s permeability offers greater circulation, minimizing the retention of liquid in the slurry, the creation of puddles or uneven drawdowns, even with fine grinds. This provides you with high control over extraction:



The pouring speed and turbulence have a direct effect on the filter’s flow and drawdown: cause-effect, making it possible to lengthen or shorten the extraction with the pouring valence.



Its extraction speed allows users to explore finer grinds than ever before with percolation methods that do not choke or clog the filter.



The FAST Specialty Coffee Filter flow has the potential to yield higher extractions and performance values. It also has a lower LRR.



The permeability and structure of the paper provides an equilibrium between body and cleanliness, providing a unique silky mouthfeel that characterizes FAST papers.


The FAST Specialty Coffee Filter flow has the potential to yield higher extractions and performance values. It also has a lower LRR..
Moreover: No paper impact on flavor
 It leaves no trace of flavor or aroma in the cup. The material uses thinner fibers and less substance.

SIBARIST SPECIAL EDITIONS is a range of products especially designed in partnership with other brands and professionals with the goal of developing dedicated Sibarist products for each partnership and attaining the top maximum performance.

In search of the best extraction! 

FAST Specialty Coffee Filter technology is a unique fiber composition that provides a “drawdown” circulation of liquid (dissolution of soluble coffee particles) through its unprecedented structure, offering a fast, constant flow in extractions while retaining the solid, non-soluble particles. This results in a clean, silky cup, free from external flavors.

FAST filters open up a new world of preparation possibilities, giving the barista the chance to experiment and obtain formerly limited features such as: faster flows, elimination of the need for air channels, increased extraction and heat delivery performance… these are some of the features offered by the FAST line.