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Customer Reviews

I am having some of the best cups of coffee I've ever made with this brewer [Orea]. The acidity is sharper, the flavors are more present. The starter recipe was spot on and I'm excited to experiment more with different techniques. The weight is pleasantly light and will be perfect to stick in my pack for camping trips. The Orea is beautiful to the eye and the leather sleeve is such a nice touch. Hyped to have this as my daily driver.

Isaac McCarty

I received my new Origami Dripper and LOVE it! But I am really responding about my experience with Slow Pour and the little playful touches awarded to me. When my I dripper arrived yesterday it was thoughtfully packaged with the adorable postcard and your thanks + the Origami dripper sticker which made me smile. I immediately put the sticker on my Kanteen water bottle.This was my first purchase but it won’t be my last and I will share who you are with my coffee loving friends.

Leslie Wolford

We finally found the perfect 15oz size pitcher at Slow Pour and it is perfect.  Shipping, customer service, and communication were all top-notch and we couldn't be happier.  Will definitely be coming back in the future for coffee needs!

Juliette Koh

I just wanted to say that I really have been incredibly impressed with your company. I love each product you have decided to carry, and you sent everything out very quickly and in great packaging.

Caleb Schwarz

Thank you guys for being amazing to the coffee community during these trying times. It's something so wonderful to see from a company!

Geo Navarrete

Love your products! Keep on pouring! Thanks for helping us Baristas and Coffee Professionals through these tough times.

Michael Keonavong

You guys are the best. I love your attention to detail with support, and I wish to support your mission in making coffee a more inclusive community. I'll advocate for SLOW POUR through the word of mouth, Reddit, and Instagram.

Sunil Pedapudi