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Get cozy

10% off sweatshirts and tees
A more delicate flow

17 oz Nebula

Fine lines • controlled flow
38mm conical steel burrs


excellent manual grinder at an affordable price

Flow is in everything we do

a curated portfolio of unique coffee tools to level up your brewing experience


Love your products! Keep on pouring! Thanks for helping us Baristas and Coffee Professionals through these tough times.

Michael Keonavong

Thank you guys for being amazing to the coffee community during these trying times. It's something so wonderful to see from a company!

Geo Navarrete

I’m completing my collection of SLOW POUR pitchers. I truly love them and enjoy serving coffee with them. Love your brand, products and most importantly the attention to your customers.

Claudia from ColaitosPR

Been a barista for just under 8 years and I’ve worked with a lot of pitchers. Your pitchers are an absolute dream to work with. Thank you for making such incredible equipment for baristas!

Stephen Gordon

The throwdown was a blast! Everyone has so much fun and the winner loved their prize! Thank you for supporting baristas during these troubling times! We’ve been big fans of SLOW POUR for many years :)!

Stephanie Meksavanh 

You guys are the best. I love your attention to detail with support, and I wish to support your mission in making coffee a more inclusive community. I'll advocate for SLOW POUR through the word of mouth, Reddit, and Instagram.

Sunil Pedapudi 

I just wanted to say that I really have been incredibly impressed with your company. I love each product you have decided to carry, and you sent everything out very quickly and in great packaging.

Caleb Schwarz

I love your business so much. I really appreciate the time you put into your packaging, the hand written notes, the cool stickers, the wrapping the packages come in. So far I’ve purchased a kettle, frothing pitcher, STTOKE® cup, and pin, and I’ve been blown away by each. I would buy a niche from you too if I didn’t already have one! Thank you for the care and attention you show your customers!