Timemore Crystal Eye B75 + Filter Pack
Timemore Crystal Eye B75 + Filter Pack
Timemore Crystal Eye B75 + Filter Pack

Timemore Crystal Eye B75 + Filter Pack

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Introducing the Timemore B75 Dripper—a thoughtfully engineered brewer designed to elevate your coffee brewing experience.

Crafted from Tritan PCTG material, the B75 Dripper ensures both safety and durability, offering a heat-resistant construction that underscores its commitment to quality and longevity. Its transparent and artistically designed body not only adds an aesthetic dimension but also showcases a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow, particularly when exposed to natural light.

Purposefully calibrated for 15g brewing, the B75 Dripper ensures precise and consistent extraction with every brew. Boasting 20 concave body ribs and 10 bottom ribs, this dripper facilitates a swift flow rate, surpassing conventional designs in the market.

Enhanced stability is achieved through the crossing bottom ribs, which provide stable support for the paper filter, allowing for unimpeded water flow throughout the brewing process. The inclined wall angle of 75° promotes a steadfast ground layer, allowing a fast flow rate and optimizing extraction efficiency.

Furthermore, the flat bottom design guarantees uniform extraction, yielding a refined flavor profile characterized by heightened sweetness and body—a testament to its superior performance.

Compatible with a range of filters including the B75 Coffee Filter, April Small Filter, Kalita Wave 155, and Sibarist Flat Fast, the Timemore B75 Dripper offers versatility and adaptability to suit various brewing preferences.

It's important to note that while the injection molding process may result in slight bottom fogging due to internal stress release, this phenomenon in no way compromises the dripper's functionality or reliability.

Filter Compatibility:

B75 Coffee Filter, April Small Filter, Kalita Wave 155, Sibarist Flat Fast


Triton PCTG



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