Elvira brewing with the small matte pink Origami Dripper

Brew Recipe Guide Using the Origami Small Dripper

Hello and welcome to the Origami Brew Project Recipe Guide. This is the first blog of a 2-part series where we share 11 brew recipes developed by brewers around the country using the Origami dripper. The purpose is to showcase a variety of techniques you can use with the small Origami dripper to brew delicious coffee at home.


For each brew recipe, we share a bio about the person who developed the technique, information about the coffee they used (along with a link so you can buy it yourself), and a full step-by-step instructional recipe guide. From Washington to Florida, California to New York City, and a few stops in between, grab your Origami brewer, brew along with these coffee pros, and enjoy some delicious coffees!


Recipes include:

Brew Recipe by Elvira Conty Nieves

Our owner, Anita, first met Elvira both teaching and served as examiners for SCA barista certification courses. They have became friends since then, and we are very happy to share this recipe by Elvira here! Please also check out this beautiful coffee, Finca San Luis, a Good Foods Award Finalist' 21 roasted by Chocolate Fish.

Brewing Ethiopian Bank Gotiti by Camber Coffee with Meghan-Annette

Ethiopian coffees have been one of our go-tos and a crowd-pleaser! Do also check out the decaf coffee offerings from Camber - they have some really fantastic offerings!

Brewing a Barrel aged and roasted by Hogg Batch Coffee, St Pete, FL

Remembering the first time we tried barrel-aged coffee, it took us by surprise! This is a wonderful recipe that will bring you all the caffeine you need and the complex flavors you can enjoy during the day!

Brewing a washed anaeroblic coffee with Junior's Roasted Coffee and Guilder

Mike and Carynof Junior Roasted Coffee are truly amazing coffee people who care more than coffee recipes and beautiful aesthetics, they have dived deep into the welfare of people they work with. They have been sounding the alarm about the coffee price crisis long before the conversation caught public attention. Check out their coffee writing and subscription program!

Brewing with Mikey Rinaldo using Cafe Brisa Serena Ermera Hatuhai in Timor-Leste, Fully Washed 

Coffee from a rare origin - Timor-Leste. Timor-Leste is a island country in Southeast Asia, south of Indonesia. Do check out their other rare coffees offerings on their website!



About the author:

Kat Melheim is a roaster, barista, writer, artist, and all-around coffee person. She’s the founder and Executive Editor of Coffee People Zine, a publication that celebrates the creativity of the coffee community. Kat is happiest when immersed in travel, eating delicious food, drinking good coffee, surrounded by great people, or any combination thereof. Kat is dedicated to creating spaces of encouragement, inclusion, hope, and learning within and outside of coffee. Catch her somewhere in the world, or on Instagram @coffeekathryn @roasterkat @coffeepeoplezine.