Brewing some rare offerings with New Math Coffee

Brewing with Mikey Rinaldo using Cafe Brisa Serena Ermera Hatuhai in Timor-Leste, Fully Washed

Mikey is the roaster/founder of a Chicago-based roastery called New Math Coffee, which focuses on specialty Asian coffees. When not working, Mikey likes to do yoga, is learning to DJ, and loves to read about wine while sipping bubblies.



Cafe Brisa Serena Ermera Hatuhai in Timor-Leste, fully washed and dried on raised beds - Roasted by New Math Coffee, Chicago, IL

This a clean, fruit-forward coffee that shows the co-op Cafe Brisa Serena's processing prowess and continual improvement of Timor's specialty coffee production. Redolent of green apple and lime.


Ratio: 1:16 (15 g coffee: 240 ml water)

Medium grind (20 on Baratza Virtuoso)

Water Temp: 205 F