The Story behind "Blankenburg"

 Mark Blankenburg and Kay Cheon


Hey Kay, tell us a bit about the story behind the name for the pitcher!

Mark Blankenburg, our dairy deliveryman, is one of the first people we see in the morning. Despite having to get up far earlier than most people, Mark is always friendly and kind. (He also looks out for us, particularly if we don’t place an order on time!) The first year I competed in a barista competition, I knew I wanted to use the milk we use in our café (Straus) in Seattle for the competition, and Mark offered to get us the freshest possible milk available before we flew out with it in a cooler. Ever since then, he has always gone above and beyond to help us and takes an interest in all the Dune competitors (and he still always brings us the freshest milk).

I often think about how we emphasize the work of producers in the coffee supply chain, but we also rely on people like Mark to make coffee service possible.

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