Sibarist - material


The selection of materials and Sibarist's manufacturing process are focused on achieving the highest possible quality over any other factor, while always respecting process sustainability.

The FAST line is composed of a mixture of abaca fiber from plantations in Ecuador and the Philippines (where the product consumed is replanted every year to then be harvested, offering a sustainable process, with batch control and chain of custody), cellulose fiber from European pine plantations (FSC and PEFC) and organic plant-based (non-fossil) polylactic acid.

The main component, abaca fiber, is finer and more porous than other fibers, giving FAST paper good permeability (leading to a higher extraction speed), while offering great tensile and tearing strength in wet conditions, bringing structure and resistance to the composition, with a low substance (less paper). Additionally, the fibers are pulp made from non-wood fibers. This facilitates clean in-plant processing, essential for eliminating the presence of external flavors in the cup and for offering a high-quality filter, while it can also be processed in a more sustainable way.

“This is a product with a history similar to that of a coffee bean. Its whole process is reflected in the cup, in the form of possibilities, irregularities, aromas and flavors. We must measure up.”