Instructions for Using the Booster with SIBARIST HYBRID Filter

Before First Use:

  1. Wash the Booster with soap and hot water before the first use.

Brewing Process:

  1. The Booster has three small tabs folded at an angle to aid in seating it inside the conical dripper. Ensure that the tabs are facing downwards. Place the Booster inside the dripper, making sure it sits level and flat, parallel to the dripper's bottom.

  2. Insert a SIBARIST HYBRID filter into the dripper, making sure it covers the Booster completely.

  3. Rinse the filter thoroughly, ensuring that the bottom of the filter is in contact with the Booster. This step helps remove any unwanted paper flavor and preheats your equipment.

  4. Add your desired amount of coffee grounds to the filter.

  5. Brew your coffee according to your preferred method.

Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee with the Booster and SIBARIST HYBRID Dripper for a delightful coffee experience!