Timemore C3 PRO
Timemore C3 PRO
Timemore C3 PRO
Timemore C3 PRO
Timemore C3 PRO
Timemore C3 PRO
Timemore C3 PRO
Timemore C3 PRO
Timemore C3 PRO

Timemore C3 PRO

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Are you seeking a high performance grinder that is affordable and portable? Look no further, the C3 Pro features a 20 gram grind container. At 570 grams, it is lightweight, and compact. The collapsible handle makes the C3 a fantastic grinder on the go. Pair the ORIGAMI Air S brewing bundle and C3 for your next trip! 

High Grind Efficiency

This grinders burr is derived from the highly rated S2C860, featured in the Chestnut X. Featuring the patented philosophy of the S2C Spike to Cut burrs, the C3 S2C660 Burr is capable of high grinding efficiency.

More Compact

Compared to the Chestnut X, the C3 Pro and Max Pro has a more compact burr design, allowing for a slimmer grinder, while maintaining the fine-tuned parameters which you love about the Timemore grinders. 

Precise Mechanism

This design touts two precise bearings that are designed to stabilize the center shaft, which allows high concentricity. This feature combined with the precise CNC cutting creates a highly consistent grind. Patented point to point coarseness adjustment allows precise dial in to fit your specific grind size needs.

Eye Catching Design with Grip Stability

The Chestnut C3 Pro features a matte finished aluminum alloy bean canister and grind container; and showcases a top to bottom grid pattern design, that is not only alluring, but also helps with grip control while grinding. It is available in both black and white options.


Dose Capacity (depending on bean density)

Pro: approx 20 G

Max Pro: approx 30 grams 


Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel + PC: SUS 420 /CNC Cutting 5 Axis


Body 172mmX52mm (6.77in X 2.04in) Handle: 159mm (6.26in)


Burr Hardness and Diameter

HRC55-58 and Diameter 38mm



Colors of actual products might show up slightly different than in the product photos. This is due to the various settings of monitors. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. In addition, lighting conditions at the time the photo was taken can also affect an image's color.

Products that have a shimmering coating will also show differently under different lighting setup. Colors might appear different even under a fluorescent light or a warmer shade bulb.


Please do not wash or rinse this grinder, utilize a brush or air hand pump to clean from debris, and storing in a cool dry place.

This grinder was designed with coffee beans in mind, we cannot guarantee the grinder will hold up on wear for other items.

Please keep this grinder out of reach from from children, the burr edges are quite sharp, use caution while operating and do not place fingers near the gears.

We suggest consulting a professional technician for any repairs or replacement needed. 

Please do not disassemble or replace any parts of this grinder personally as there is a possibility of damage or issues in operation on reassembly.