ORIGAMI Air S Available Now

ORIGAMI Air S Available Now

The Origami Air S Pourover Dripper

a shatterproof, heat resistant dripper series
available now


Available in 1-2 cups size, the Air S is made with a styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer that is resistant to boiling water, and therefore dishwasher friendly. The series comes in a variety of translucent and lively colors with a frosted finish. These Air S drippers are a representation of the beloved original Origami series but made of shatterproof material. 

Available in 6 lively colors

The Air S is available in 6 breathtaking colors - the Origami Air S is the perfect companion for your professional brew bars or camping trips. These eye catching drippers are a beautiful addition for your retail shelf and, for your customers, a great introduction to brewing at home. Pair with small conical filters and optional resin holder and you are good to go!