Origami Brew Project II

Origami Brew Project II

Hello and welcome back to the Origami Brew Project Recipe Guide. This is the second and final post in our blog series, sharing 11 brew recipes developed by brewers around the country.

Each recipe was developed using the Origami dripper and the brewer’s skill and imagination! We’re doing this to showcase a variety of techniques you can use with the small Origami dripper to brew delicious coffee at home. We share info about the person who developed the technique, information about the coffee they used (along with a link so you can buy it yourself), and a full step-by-step instructional recipe guide. From Washington to Florida, California to New York City, and a few stops in between, grab your Origami brewer, brew along with these coffee pros, and enjoy some delicious coffees!

Recipe in this series include:

Brewing with Holly Bastin, Roast Ratings (co- owner & founder) & Coffee is People (owner), Kansas City

Holly has been in coffee since 1999, starting in her hometown of Kansas City. At this point, she has been in coffee for more years of her life now than not! Holly believes that there is no one way to brew coffee “best,” but rather that we now have a multitude of options to fit anyone's preference. Using as few tools as possible, her favorite approach to brewing is one that is versatile, instinctive, and easy for anyone to do!

Brewing with a twist: Brewing with an Avo Pit - Recipe by Ray Murarkawa /

Melodrip Co.

We love this recipe! Such a creative use of an avo pit! Definitely give it a go!


Brewing with Sum, Co-Founder of Coffee Project NY, NY

Sum from Coffee Project NY is a long time friend of ours. We enjoy the coffees they sent us and there are so much more going on then just coffee! Check out their community support work they do for their region, too!

Brewing with a positive energy with Bianka & Sabreen of Cute Coffee, Bay Area, CA

We love every bit of this. Brewing with a positive energy is important and so much needed during these times!

Brewing with Samir Benouar, owner of Milka Coffee Roasters, Sacramento, CA

In this recipe, Samir brews a coffee by Tesfaye Doni. Tesfaye Doni exports this coffee himself, which allows us to taste his coffee and hard work. This also helps him negotiate a better price per kilo, year after year. 

Brewing with Julia Peixoto, Owner of Peixoto Coffee, Phoenix, AZ

Julia Peixoto and her company Peixoto Coffee is a company that serves with kindness. Check out their website for various coffee offerings!