Brewing with Sum at Coffee Project NY

Brewing with Sum, Co-Founder of Coffee Project NY

Chi Sum is the Co-Founder of Coffee Project NY. She oversees the company’s coffee program and operation.

Coffee Project New York was founded in 2015 by Chi Sum Ngai and her partner Kaleena Teoh to share their passion for coffee with New York City’s East Village neighborhood. The pair's dedication to the craft and the community was profound, and they garnered wide recognition when Coffee Project New York was named Time Out NY's most loved coffee shop in New York. From deconstructed lattes to delicious pour overs, they championed the skill of their baristas and connected with the community over a love for coffee.


Colombia El Paseo, Buesaco Nariño, Colombia, Washed Anaerobic,

Roasted by Coffee Project NY, New York City, NY

With the help of the importer, Coffee Project NY was able to send this award-winning coffee back to the farmer to taste the roasted fruits of his labor!