Kilo Automatic Coffee Tamper (U.S. Version)

Kilo Automatic Coffee Tamper (U.S. Version)

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Kilo is an automatic coffee tamper designed for the busy coffee shop where speed, efficiency, and consistency are key. The Kilo will “deliver a perfect level tamp for every shot, regardless of the barista on duty". 

As the fastest automatic tamper in the market, Kilo's tamping time ranges from as low as 0.8 seconds for a single tamp to a max of 1.4 seconds for a triple tamp.

You can program various presets for number of tamps and pressure of tamps, with a customizable pressure range from 30 kg down to a "soft tamp" of 3kg. And Kilo records the total coffee tamps for each different profile, allowing you to monitor daily coffee sales.

When you're done for the day, cleaning the Kilo requires no special tools. The user-friendly tamping disk is attached with a magnetic locking system, so it can be automatically lowered, removed by hand, and cleaned.

Using a consistent automatic coffee tamper has never been easier than with the Kilo.

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Kilo' Specs
Colors Black / White
Tamping range 3kg to 30kg
Tamping profile Up to 3
Number of tamps 3
Tamp and polish ability
Yes, 35 degree polish
Programmable tamping profiles Pressure control  Yes
Discrete power cord
Speed per tamp 
Single tamp 0.8, Triple 1.4 seconds No
Static build up
Digital display location
Front and center