22oz Matte White "Blankenberg"
22oz Matte White "Blankenberg" Spout View
22oz Matte White "Blankenberg" Interior
22oz Matte White "Blankenburg"

22oz Matte White "Blankenburg"

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A versatile pitcher that is perfect for both to-go and service pours. Great for large to-go cups, as well as milk sharing.

Product Details

  • Round Spout, perfect for bold dramatic pours

  • Signature WPM slanted top design with 9.5 oz milk volume indicator

  • Perfect size for milk sharing. Consider pairing with "Small Blankenburg" in 10oz.
  • Full Handle for any gripping style

  • Material:  304 18/8 Stainless Steel. Uncoated, food safe interior. 

  • Matte White Powder Coated Exterior

  • Wide diameter Vessel

Click the tabs to read the story about "Blankenburg" ! Thank you to Kay Cheon for naming this pitcher!


 Mark Blankenburg and Kay Cheon


Hey Kay, tell us a bit about the story behind the name for the pitcher!

Mark Blankenburg, our dairy deliveryman, is one of the first people we see in the morning. Despite having to get up far earlier than most people, Mark is always friendly and kind. (He also looks out for us, particularly if we don’t place an order on time!) The first year I competed in a barista competition, I knew I wanted to use the milk we use in our café (Straus) in Seattle for the competition, and Mark offered to get us the freshest possible milk available before we flew out with it in a cooler. Ever since then, he has always gone above and beyond to help us and takes an interest in all the Dune competitors (and he still always brings us the freshest milk).

I often think about how we emphasize the work of producers in the coffee supply chain, but we also rely on people like Mark to make coffee service possible.

Click here to read the full interview

When United States Baristas Competition competitor Kay Cheon reached out to Slow Pour with an idea to create a pitcher for barista competitions, Anita, our owner and U.S.B.C. Lead Technical Judge, immediately envisioned a pitcher with the right sheen and coating color to help eliminate problems on the competition stage: milk stains and fingerprints. Often these are the criteria used to judge a "clean pitcher," and frequently just a slight fingerprint or small milk drip on the side of the pitcher will cost the competitor points.

With help from WPM, a leading global pitcher brand, the team made it happen. Read Kay's interview to learn more about the story of a dedicated milk deliveryman and how his support contributed to Kay's success as a top-three barista for two consecutive years at the USBC.

Our largest size. The 22oz pitcher is perfect for 12-16oz cups. This is the perfect pitcher for milk sharing or to go cup sizes.

Slow Pour Supply WPM pitchers have proven to be superb in functionality, practicality, and accessibility - from your local neighborhood shops to national level competitions. You can find them on stage with the National Latte Art Champions, Barista Champions, as well as Coffeefest Latte Art World Championship Open winners, Slow Pour WPM pitchers accompany them on stage for an unparalleled flow control experience.

We offer four different size pitchers specifically for various specialty cup sizes.

10oz Pitcher: <6oz Cup

15oz Pitcher: 6-10oz

17oz Pitcher: 8-12oz

22oz Pitcher: 12-16oz

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