Barrel Flavor Cup - 7oz

Barrel Flavor Cup - 7oz

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This listing is for one Barrel Flavor Cup.

If you are one of those who would appreciate a more holistic enjoyment of coffee akin to a wine drinking experience, the ORIGAMI Barrel Flavor Cup is for you. Shaped like a barrel - the Barrel Flavor Cup has a caved rim that is designed to capture the aroma of the coffee and to provide a heightened sensory experience.

The rim of the Barrel Flavor Cup is intentionally designed to be slightly thinner than its body for a smooth delivery. This thoughtful design, together with its specific size, fits the palm of the hand nicely to provide a comforting sipping experience.

This cup is at 7.1oz, 210ml volume. A pair of the barrel cup would fit perfectly to pair with our 360ml or 600ml Timemore Carafe.


Volume: 7.1oz / 210ml

Size Φ76×78H

Material: Minoware Porcelain


Made of Mino porcelain, the ORIGAMI dripper is a product that represents 400 years of rich history in high quality ceramicware produced in the Toki area of Gifu prefecture. These colorful and eye-catching drippers are popular among Brewing Championship competitors.

We work very diligently to provide products that are clean and in unused conditions. In observance of the current situation, we will not be able to accept return of cups and sip-wares.

We appreciate your understanding.