More about the 10oz / 22oz Matte White "Blankenberg"

When United States Baristas Competition competitor Kay Cheon reached out to Slow Pour with an idea to create a pitcher for barista competitions, Anita, our owner and U.S.B.C. Lead Technical Judge, immediately envisioned a pitcher with the right sheen and coating color to help eliminate problems on the competition stage: milk stains and fingerprints. Often these are the criteria used to judge a "clean pitcher," and frequently just a slight fingerprint or small milk drip on the side of the pitcher will cost the competitor points.

With help from WPM, a leading global pitcher brand, the team made it happen. Read Kay's interview to learn more about the story of a dedicated milk deliveryman and how his support contributed to Kay's success as a top-three barista for two consecutive years at the USBC.