17oz Metallic Sapphire Blue Pitcher with Narrow Spout

17oz Metallic Sapphire Blue Pitcher with Narrow Spout


A new silhouette - a deeper spout, perfect for baristas who are looking for more delicate control.


  • Deeper spout (2.5”) for intentional flow

  • Swipe to the last photo for comparison between our regular narrow spout and the sapphire blue sharp spout. These spouts are very similar, with the sapphire blue having a longer, deeper spout along its body.

  • Full handle for any gripping style, narrow spout shape for delicate fine lines

  • Signature WPM slanted top design with 8oz milk volume indicator

  • Material: 304 18/8 Stainless Steel. Uncoated, food safe interior

  • Metallic sapphire blue powder-coat exterior

  • Light weight

  • Wide diameter (2.75”)

  • Questions about sizes? Email connect@slowpoursupply.co

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This 17oz Metallic Sapphire Blue Pitcher has the original WPM slanted top, our regular sharp spout, and a deeper, 2.5” spout length. Our regular sharp spout enables a smooth and controlled flow.  It is perfect for delicate fine lines and free pours with multiple patterns. Wide diameter (2.75”) enables a realistic foam depth. A full handle provides a secure support for better control.

Constructed with Food Grade 304 18/8 food grade stainless steel, this pitcher is built to last.