15oz Brushed Silver Pitcher with Round Spout

15oz Brushed Silver Pitcher with Round Spout



  • Round Spout for bold, dramatic lines and fast service pours

  • Signature WPM slanted top design with 6 oz milk volume indicator

  • Full Handle for any gripping style

  • Material: 304 18/8 Stainless Steel. Uncoated, food safe interior.

  • Wide diameter

  • Questions about sizes? Email connect@slowpoursupply.co

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Want something more subtle looking? This elegant Brushed Stainless Steel Pitcher is for you.

This medium weight pitcher features the original WPM slanted top with an extended spout, which gives the milk more room to flow before it hits the drop, resulting in a less drastic initial contact. Its 15oz size featuring a larger, taller vessel and wider diameter, enabling a smoother flow and a more even frothing experience. It has a brushed exterior and interior finish. The milk is only in direct contact with our high quality 304 18/8 food grade stainless steel interior.

A full handle provides secure control for any gripping style. Round Spout for chunky, dramatic lines.

This pitcher is the perfect size for 6-10oz cups.