Orea Matte Bases - to be purchased with FROST brewers
Orea Matte Bases - to be purchased with FROST brewers

Orea Matte Bases - to be purchased with FROST brewers

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100% recycled

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic

Perfectly imperfect - made in the UK in an artisanal process. Orea sources post-consumer plastic waste like bottle caps, tupperware, and takeout containers. This process results in each piece being slightly different as the plastic flows together uniquely each time. There are 7 patterns to choose from, but each base is one of a kind.

A piece of art

Orea doesn't think recycled plastic has to look "recycled". Each base pattern is a piece of art. A blend of colors intentionally chosen, with precise weight and contrast. While it's a bit unpredictable, we do have an element of precision in this art. We hope you will love your one of a kind base!

Snap in design

Designed to snap in for a perfect fit in order to ensure stability and consistency.

Weight: 14g

10.4cm Base width

Material/ 100% Recycled Material

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