22oz Brushed Silver Pitcher with Narrow Spout
22oz Brushed Silver Pitcher with Narrow Spout Spour View
22oz Brushed Silver Pitcher with Narrow Spout Handle View

22oz Brushed Silver Pitcher with Narrow Spout

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#10 22oz Narrow Spout

A versatile pitcher that is perfect for both competition and service pours. Great for large to-go cups, as well as milk sharing.

Product Details

  • Narrow spout, perfect for defined lines and intricate pours

  • Signature WPM slanted top design with 9.5 oz milk volume indicator

  • Full Handle for any gripping style

  • Material:  304 18/8 Stainless Steel. Uncoated, food safe interior. 

  • Brushed Silver

  • Wide diameter

Our largest size. The 22oz pitcher is perfect for 12-16oz cups. This is the perfect pitcher for milk sharing or to go cup sizes.


Lipped sharp, slightly rounded narrow spout enables finer lines without sacrificing the flow. This versatile pitcher is great for combination patterns, rosettas, stacks, wing base tulips, and any patterns that require finer lines with a medium flow rate. Available in 10, 15, 17, and 22oz pitchers.

Slow Pour Supply WPM pitchers have proven to be superb in functionality, practicality, and accessibility - from your local neighborhood shops to national level competitions. You can find them on stage with the National Latte Art Champions, Barista Champions, as well as Coffeefest Latte Art World Championship Open winners, Slow Pour WPM pitchers accompany them on stage for an unparalleled flow control experience.

We offer four different size pitchers specifically for various specialty cup sizes.

10oz Pitcher: <6oz Cup

15oz Pitcher: 6-10oz

17oz Pitcher: 8-12oz

22oz Pitcher: 12-16oz

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