The Niche Zero Grinder

the perfect single dose grinder

Retail Price: $840 - Limited Introductory Offer $680 including FedEx ground shipping to all U.S. continental states.

Estimate Ship Out Date: September 30.

Available in gloss black or white, their beautiful modern aesthetics easily compliments any commercial/ home settings.

Available in gloss black or white, their beautiful modern aesthetics easily compliments any commercial/ home settings.

Tired of looking at new grinders and feeling like you are choosing the lesser of two evils? This one heats up too much, that one is unreliable, unpredictable timers and dosers, inconsistent grind sizes, the list goes on.

Meet the Niche Zero, the grinder designed specifically to combat the most common problems that home and professional baristas alike battle with daily. Finally, you don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils and instead can choose the one that meets your needs well.

The Niche Zero features great build quality and common features that have been upgraded to make them perform exceptionally well. The cast aluminum body provides lasting durability while the aesthetics are softened by the smooth oak wood accents. The quiet (73db) 120v motor spins the large 63mm conical burrs at an exceptionally slow speed which produces 1-2 grams of coffee per second. These things combine to keep heat buildup low in the burrs and ensure that your grounds maintain their exquisite flavor. The conical burr design of the Niche Zero also makes sure that the grinder lives up to its name with virtually zero grounds retention. It’s direct grind path reduces your coffee waste and ensure the maximum amount of fresh product each time you use the Niche Zero Grinder.

How it works

The Niche Zero is designed to shine as a single-shot dosing grinder. Bring this trend that has become widespread with top competitors in the SCA Brewers Cup and Barista Championships into your home or business with a grinder designed to do just that. No more guessing at timed doses or weighing post-grind, put only what you need into the Niche Zero, get only what you need out. Fine burr collar thread and a continuum of adjustment ensures the Niche Zero’s stellar performance from espresso to French Press. The small hopper and safety switch inside the hopper lid provides that the grinder will fit in that tight spot on your counter.

The Niche Zero is NSF approved and engineered for safe use in all residential and commercial settings where the finest coffee is sought.

Check out what James Hoffman and Barista Magazine are saying about the Niche Zero.

The Niche Zero Grinder
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The Niche Zero Grinder
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The Niche Zero Grinder - Late October Delivery
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Product Specs

Niche features

  • large, 63mm conical burrs

  • Grinds at optimal speed. Low RPM, low heat build up

  • Ultra quite at 72db, grinds at 1-2 grams per second

  • Single Dose

  • Virtually zero retention through direct grind path, reducing coffee waste to ensure the maximum amount of fresh coffee

  • Fine burr collar thread and a continuum of adjustment, enabling very fine grind size tuning.

  • Real oak wood features for a warm, modern aesthetics.

  • Powerful DC motor and gear box, protected by sleek aluminum casting.

  • Safety interlocking lid - grinding mechanism stops immediately when lid is open.

  • Grinder comes with one 58mm dosing cup

  • Retractable cable for easy organization

    Technical Specifications

    W12.2cm x L21.1cm x H31.1cm (W4.8'“ x L8.3” x H12.25”)

    4.1kg / 9lb

    Dose Consistency: Less than +/- 0.2g*

    *based on independent test data

News Update:


A second batch of Niche Zero Grinders will arrive in Houston Late October.


First batch of Niche Zero Grinders will be shipped to customers on or before 9/30.


Early Access Emails will be sent to our Niche Zero Grinder Contact List on 9/19


Niche Zero Grinders have arrived in Houston and will be available through our website on 9/20, at a limited offer - Introductory price $680. FedEx Ground shipping to all continental addresses are included in this price. Niche Zero Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada: $30.


The Niche Zero Grinder (U.S. version) is en route to Houston and will be available soon through our website.

Distributors please contact for wholesale pricing.

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*Link to video of Niche Zero review by James Hoffman, an independent reviewer not affiliated with Slow Pour Supply®.