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IWCA Pitcher - Brushed Steel with Narrow Spout
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Slow Pour Supply WPM pitchers have been proven as superb in functionality, practical, and accessible - from your local neighborhood shops to national level competitions. From the 2019 U.S. Barista Champion, to the past 4 Coffeefest Latte Art World Championship Open winners, Slow Pour WPM pitchers accompanied them on stage for an unparalleled flow control experience.

Taller Vessel

Our WPM professional latte art pitchers are very popular among the global latte art community for their perfect size - 15, 17, and 22 oz latte art pitchers which have a slightly larger volume than traditional size pitchers, enabling a more horizontal flow.

A taller vessel, a smoother initial drop, perfect flow control.


Perfect Spout Shapes

From tapered sharp spout to lipped round spout, from delicate fine lines to fast service pours.

The perfect partner for a smooth delivery.

Latte Art Pitcher - Best Milk Jug

Larger Handle

Our pitchers have a larger handle which fit all hand sizes.

The ergonomically shaped full handle maximizes grip comfort and provides stability for any gripping style.


Wider Rim Diameter

Similar base diameter with a wider rim, the 15oz pitcher enables a more realistic foam depth, which is lacking in the traditional 12oz pitchers.

A wider diameter also means the foam is not as 'stacked up' and is more evenly distributed during the pouring process.


WPM Signature Slanted Top

A WPM signature slanted top helps reduce spills during the frothing process. By tilting the pitcher to a slight angle baristas can comfortably create a vortex with a greater surface area, enabling a higher foam quality.

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