Holiday Brewing Set with Origami Dripper + Resin Holder + Filter + Pinot Aroma Mug
Holiday Brewing Set with Origami Dripper + Resin Holder + Filter + Pinot Aroma Mug

Holiday Brewing Set with Origami Dripper + Resin Holder + Filter + Pinot Aroma Mug

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Comes in a Holiday Packaging! A perfect gift for the home brewing enthusiast.

This ORIGAMI Small Dripper + Pinot Aroma Mug Bundle includes everything you need for 1-2 cups servings. Beautiful matching set of Brewer and Mug highlights the intentional preparation process.

What's in the bundle

- One SMALL size ORIGAMI Dripper in the color of your choice ( 5 matte colors)

- One ORIGAMI AS Resin Holder

- One pack of original ORIGAMI SMALL dripper filter (100 sheets) by CAFEC Japan

- One Aroma Mug - style of your choice

Excellent Brewer compatible with both wave and conical style filters

Made with high density clay, the Origami has excellent heat retaining properties. When used with the conical filter, the 20 folds encourages faster brew time by enabling faster airflow. When used with a wave style filter, it can be used as a flatbed brewer.

A beautiful drinking vessel to pair with your coffee

The Pinot Aroma Mug is a perfect vessel for your pour over, drip coffee, and offers a great size for a perfectly balanced latte. The Aroma Mug has an interesting and wine glass looking geometric shape that is designed to capture the aroma of the coffee and to provide a heightened sensory experience.

If you are one of those who would appreciate a more holistic enjoyment of coffee akin to a wine drinking experience, the ORIGAMI Pinot Aroma Mug is for you. 

The rim of the Aroma Mug is intentionally designed to be slightly thinner than its body for a smooth delivery. This thoughtful design, together with its specific size, fits the palm of the hand nicely to provide a comforting sipping experience.

This Mug is at 10.8oz, 320ml volume.


A porcelain brewer with 400 years of history

Made of minoware clay, the Origami Dripper carries 400 years of history of minoware production of the Gifu region, famous for its washi paper and pottery.

Minoware is a ceramic-making technique some 400-500 years old and only a few dozen artisans left in Japan still know the craft. By purchasing a Origami Dripper, you are bringing this rich tradition into your coffee brewing routine.


Made of Mino porcelain, the ORIGAMI dripper is a product that represents 400 years of rich history in high quality ceramicware produced in the Toki area of Gifu prefecture. These colorful and eye-catching drippers are popular among Brewing Championship competitors.

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