Brewing Bundle: Black Dripper + Filters + Wooden Holder + Sttoke Cup
ORIGAMI Wooden Holder
Origami Paper Filter small size for 1-2 cups
Sttoke reuseable cup in marble pattern
Sttoke cup with marble pattern side view
Sttoke cup with marble pattern interior view
Sttoke cup with marble pattern bottom view showing silicon base
Brewing Bundle: Black Dripper + Filters + Wooden Holder + Sttoke Cup

Brewing Bundle: Black Dripper + Filters + Wooden Holder + Sttoke Cup

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This ORIGAMI SMALL Dripper Intro Bundle includes everything you need for 1-2 cups servings plus a beautiful STTOKE® Reusable Cup to keep your coffee hot!

What's in the bundle

- One SMALL size ORIGAMI Dripper in  Onyx Black

- One ORIGAMI Wooden Holder

- One pack of original ORIGAMI SMALL dripper filter (100 sheets) by CAFEC Japan

- One STTOKE® 8oz Reusable Ceramic Cup in Luna Marble /  Lux Black

Product Information

  • 20 fold grooves design fits with existing Kalita / V60 paper filters. However, we recommend using conical filters for better air-flow
  • Ceramic material made with Mino porcelain, with excellent heat retaining properties
  • Elegantly shaped
  • Conical shape fit with most pour-over holders stands

Our recommendation: Grind slightly finer than you would for a V60, and pair with a conical filter.

Brewing ratio:

1: 15-16 / Coffee : H20


Check out our ORIGAMI brew recipes to follow along! This collection of recipes by coffee roasters across the nation features coffees from different region and processing methods. Happy brewing!

Find recipes here

Made of Mino porcelain, the ORIGAMI dripper is a product that represents 400 years of rich history in high quality ceramicware produced in the Toki area of Gifu prefecture. These colorful and eye-catching drippers are popular among Brewing Championship competitors.

We work very diligently to provide products that are clean and in unused conditions. In observance of the current situation, we will not be able to accept return of cups and sip-wares.

We appreciate your understanding.


Kepp the slider open for liquid aboce 75C / 167F to release pressure from hot liquid. Be cautious when taking fast sip. Liquid is usually hotter than expected.


Do not over fill the product. Use MAX line as guide, and keep product in upright position at all times.



Wash and rinse the product thoroughly before first use abd after each use. Pop slider with back of the spoon, and rinse the lid with warm, soapy water.


Due to the double wall property, please do not wash the STTOKE cup in a dish washer. Do not use abrasive cleaning pad. Use cleaning pads designed for non stick cookware.


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