Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder
Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder

Air S Brewing Bundle: Small Dripper + Filters + AS Resin Holder

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A modern take - AS Resin ORIGAMI Air S

Excellent Brewer compatible with both wave and conical style filters

Introducing the AS Resin ORIGAMI Air S Brewer - a modern take on a classic favorite!

Experience brewing perfection with our excellent Brewer, designed to be compatible with both wave and conical style filters.

Crafted with a cutting-edge styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer, the Air S has high thermal stability, eliminating the need to preheat your brewer. This is especially suitable for outdoors and commercial use. The thermal stability also helps with providing a stable temperature environment for a fast brewing process.

The AS Resin series comes in a variety of translucent and lively colors, boasting a frosted finish that adds a touch of elegance to your brewing experience. These AS drippers are a stunning representation of the beloved original Origami series, but with the added benefit of being made from shatterproof material. 

Prepare to be captivated by our breathtaking range of colors! The Origami Air S is available in six vibrant shades, making it the perfect companion for your professional brew bars or your exciting camping adventures. These eye-catching drippers will not only enhance your brew bar's aesthetics but also serve as a fantastic introduction to the world of home brewing.

To complete your brewing setup, simply pair the Air S with either the conical or wave style filter and opt for our optional resin dripper holder. With everything in place, you're good to go on your journey to brewing excellence!

What's in the bundle

And that's not all! When you choose the ORIGAMI AIR S Brewing Bundle, you'll receive everything you need for 1-2 cup servings. Here's what's included:

  • One Air S ORIGAMI Dripper in the color of your choice: Select the shade that resonates with your style and let it become the centerpiece of your brewing setup.

  • One ORIGAMI AS Resin Holder: Keep your dripper securely in place with our specially designed holder, ensuring stability and ease of use.

  • One pack of original ORIGAMI SMALL dripper filter (100 sheets) by CAFEC Japan: Experience the art of filtration with our high-quality filters, meticulously crafted to enhance the flavor and aroma of your brews.


Compatible with the following Filters:

Hario 01 / Cafe 2 cup / Kalita 155 / Sibarist Cone S / ORIGAMI Cup 2 / April Flat Bottom Filter


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Elevate your brewing journey with the AS Resin ORIGAMI Air S Brewer. Discover a world of flavors, craftsmanship, and possibilities. Order yours today and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality!


Material: Styrene-acrylonitrile Copolymer 

Weight: 62 grams 

Heat Tolerance maximal at 212 F


Air S: 4.33" x 2.7"  / exit ø .98"

Air M: 5.59" × 3.42" / exit ø .98"


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Check out our 2023 ORIGAMI brew recipes to follow along! This collection of recipes by coffee roasters across the nation features coffees from different region and processing methods. Happy brewing!


photo credit: World Coffee Events

Recipe Recap! Carlos Medina’s World Brewers Cup Champion Recipe

A huge congratulations to Carlos Medina, representing Chile on taking the World Brewers Cup Champion Title!


15.5 grams  Natural Sida from Cafe Granja la Esperanza

Water Spec

65ppm with equal parts of calcium and Magnesium 

- to create a all rounded experience integrating acidit, sweetness and body

Temperature: 91C/ 195 F 

Brew Ratio 



Conical Filter

Brew Recipe

250 grams of water total

Circular pours, spiraling out and in, in 50 grams - 5 equal pours

silent time: 30 seconds between each pour

Total Brew time 


Brewer and cup

ORIGAMI Air S and Sensory Cup

ORIGAMI Cupping Cup to hold used Brewer after brew


Timemore Basic Plus

Why we love this recipe?

Why we love this recipe?

High Replicability:

This recipe offers simplicity and remarkable effectiveness, ensuring consistent results. Precise measurements of 50 grams in 30-second intervals make every movement easily repeatable. The key lies in unwavering commitment to consistency, delivering uniformity with every brew.
Exemplary Consistency:

Experience unparalleled temperature stability with the renowned ORIGAMI Air S brewer. Its unique 20 crease design and conical filter eliminate variables that could compromise consistency, guaranteeing exceptional results.
A Complete Sensory Experience:

Delight in a comprehensive sensorial journey with the distinguished Origami Sensory Flavor Cup. Its meticulous design preserves delicate aromas, while the curved rim facilitates smooth sipping. The handleless cup, held in both hands, imparts a comforting warmth, providing judges with a holistic experience.
Create moments that transcend the ordinary and deliver consistent excellence with the Air S and Sensory Cup.

Additional Tip:

Carlos also stirred coffee to integrate all flavors and used a origami cupping cup to hold the air S dripper after brew.

Flavor notes summary

When Hot: 

dark cherry, violets, and white tropical fruit like mangosteen

When Warm: 

Dark cherry with concord grape and dark chocolate

When Cold:

Green grapes, apple juice and pineapple

After Taste

long sweetness, and refreshing in all three stages

When Hot: 

green tea

When Warm: 

green apple juice and chocolate

When Cold:

apple juice


medium - like ripe pineapple

When Warm: Phosphoric and malic

When Cold: Malic acid like Fuji apple


Grilled pineapple - medium sweetness in all 3 stages



medium in all 3 stages


When Hot and Warm:

juice and syrupy 


When Cold:

round and syrupy