ORIGAMI Medium Filter  + Third Wave Water Twin Pack
ORIGAMI Medium Filter  + Third Wave Water Twin Pack

ORIGAMI Medium Filter + Third Wave Water Twin Pack

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Refill both your filter and mineral supplement needs in one go.

What's in this bundle:

One pack of the original ORIGAMI medium dripper paper filter, 100 sheets.

One pack of 12 sticks Third Wave Water, Classic Profile.


Check out our ORIGAMI brew recipes to follow along! This collection of recipes by coffee roasters across the nation features coffees from different region and processing methods. Happy brewing!

Find recipes here

We know the majority of coffee is water. Even with the best brewing tools your coffee is susceptible to various chemicals and minerals that are present in your tap water source.

Brew with confidence  •  Work with less variables

Have your water controlled for a more consistent brew - nail down the mineral content in your water, and lay down a solid foundation for a tweakable brewing process.

The Third Wave Water Classic Profile is perfect for pourovers and coffee makers.


How to use:

One stick of Third Wave Water will turn a gallon of room temperature distilled or reverse osmosis water into mineralized water that is consistent for your recipes, and reduce maintenance for your brewing equipment. Simply mix into the gallon jug, shake to dissolve, and brew. Enjoy!


What's in the box:

12 individual sticks of Third Wave Water Mineral Supplement. Gold for 12 gallons of distilled or reverse osmosis water.

Magnesium Sulfate, Calcium Citrate, Sodium Cholride
2 side crepe drying technology visuals

The drying process of a 2-side crepe CAFEC paper filter differs from the making of traditional paper filters. The 2-side crepe filters are air-dried horizontally, retaining crepes on both side of the paper. The traditional rotary hot drum drying method applies pressure and flattens the bottom side of the crepe, creating a flat surface on one side.

Rotary hot drum

Additionally, the finer texture of a CAFEC filter enables water to flow smoothly with stability for a more controllable extraction process.


Graphics credit: CAFEC Japan