Barista Latte Art Practice Set - 10oz Latte Cup + 15oz Round Spout Milk Pitcher

Barista Latte Art Practice Set - 10oz Latte Cup + 15oz Round Spout Milk Pitcher

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Barista Latte Art Set - 10oz Latte Bowl + 15oz Round Spout Milk Pitcher Bundle

Calling all latte art lovers! This latte cup and milk pitcher bundle is the perfect setup to create stunning latte art at home. 

Whether you’re exploring latte art for the first time or leveling up your skills, these high-performance products will give you the best possible flow as you hone your craft.

Purchase one set for one pitcher plus one cup and saucer, and two sets for one pitcher and two cups and saucers. 


Let’s take a closer look at your home latte art set and why it’s the best in the business. 


The ORIGAMI Japan Cups and Saucers

Welcome to your perfect at-home latte art setup! 

The ORIGAMI Japan cups and saucers are produced with Minoware Clay, a material native to the Gifu region of Japan. The Gifu region is known for its artisanal production practices, and for our crafters, it’s also where Washi paper is produced.

Porcelains produced with this clay have high density and inherent artisanal value, with the Minoware tradition dating back hundreds of years. After meticulous creation, Minoware products are fired at 2750ºF for 12 hours. Upon removal from the kiln, expert craftspeople manually inspect each piece for imperfections. 

ORIGAMI cups have a distinct design, tailored to latte art flow dynamics and the final drinking experience. The result? The perfect setup to experiment with latte art and delight in the cozy drink itself. Each cup also comes with a matching saucer to elevate the espresso experience. 


The WPM Milk Pitcher

As for the pitcher, WPM pitchers are the professional standard for latte art. Each element of the design translates to high performance for baristas and budding home latte artists. New spouts, colors, and sizes launch every year, providing a wide variety of products to keep up with the latest latte art trends. 

The signature slanted top flows seamlessly into the slanted handle, providing a stable angle comparable to a paintbrush. A longer vessel perfects the artist’s strokes even further, stabilizing the milk flow as it reaches the cup. Finally, the protrude spout lets you reach the crema sooner in your pour, increasing the contrast and artistry in the cup. 

As you delight in your own latte art creations, look out for the same set at latte art competitions and your local specialty coffee shops. You’re sure to see these beautiful ceramics in action as baristas leave their mark on the beverage world. 

Find your favorite combo today, and let’s get pouring!



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Slow Pour Supply WPM pitchers have proven to be superb in functionality, practicality, and accessibility - from your local neighborhood shops to national level competitions. You can find them on stage with the National Latte Art Champions, Barista Champions, as well as Coffeefest Latte Art World Championship Open winners, Slow Pour WPM pitchers accompany them on stage for an unparalleled flow control experience.

We offer four different size pitchers specifically for various specialty cup sizes.

10oz Pitcher: <6oz Cup

15oz Pitcher: 6-10oz

17oz Pitcher: 8-12oz

22oz Pitcher: 12-16oz

Perfect for 6-8oz cups, these pitchers come with a 6oz milk volume indicator. Replacing the traditional 12oz pitchers for a more horizontal flow, enabling a less drastic initial contact. This gives the cup more contrast and higher color definition. This is our most popular size.


Lipped round spout for bolder lines, this pitcher is great for thicker lines - slozettas, rosetta revolution, tulips, wing bases with thicker lines, and stacks. This pitcher is great for a higher flow rate. Available in our 10oz and 15oz pitchers