U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore
U French Press by Timemore

U French Press by Timemore

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We love using the French Press - it's a portable, cost effective and no frills way of making a tasty cup of coffee. 

When brewing with the French press, timing is key. The brew temperature will naturally drop during the brewing process, so if you are not over-steeping it, it's not going to over extract your coffee. Set up a timer with your Alexa / Google app, 3 minutes 30 seconds later, your coffee is ready to be enjoyed!

Tips: Use freshly grounded coffee with a grind size similar to coarse salt. A better grinder will result in a clearer cup. 

This 15oz/ 450ml French Press by Timemore is constructed with heat resistant borosilicate glass. Its modern look and neutral color tone can easily complement any coffee setup. Enjoy a simple brew when you feel like it! The French Press is also a fun way to taste the differences when brewing with different water temperatures! 


Perfect for brewing coffee or tea
Fine mesh stainless steel filter (350 micron) 
Food grade silicone plunger seal with stainless steel shaft for a smooth operation
2 options on pour rate, simply choose the side you prefer!
300ml (10oz) and 450ml (15oz) indicators for easy reference 
Smooth-touch matte texture sleeve insulates heat and help retain the temperature of the brew 
Matte texture fingerprint resistant exterior



We recommend using 1:15 - 1:17 water to coffee ratio 

For 300ml of brewed coffee, use around 18-20 grams of coffee 

For 450ml of brewed coffee, use around 26-30 grams of coffee 

Grind size: 25-28 clicks on a Timemore Manual Grinder 

Water Temp: from 200-210˚F.

Brew for 3:30 - 4 mins. Gently swirl a couple of times before topping with the plunger to enable an even brewing process. After 3 minutes 30 seconds, plunge SLOWLY, and pour the coffee out in one go into another vessel to serve. Try not to over steep! 

**Indicator lines are for easy reference - however, coffee grinds do take up space. For best results, pair with a Timemore Black Mirror Weighing Panel for precision.

Colors of actual products might show up slightly different than in the product photos. This is due to the various settings of monitors. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. In addition, lighting conditions at the time the photo was taken can also affect an image's color.

Products that have a shimmering coating will also show differently under different lighting setup. Colors might appear different even under a fluorescent light or a warmer shade bulb.

  • Borosilicate Glass / Heat resistance: -22˚F - 392˚F
  • Weight: 340 grams
  • Size: 7" (H) x 3.3"(W)

    Please do not wash or rinse this grinder, utilize a brush or air hand pump to clean from debris, and storing in a cool dry place.

    This grinder was designed with coffee beans in mind, we cannot guarantee the grinder will hold up on wear for other items.

    Please keep this grinder out of reach from from children, the burr edges are quite sharp, use caution while operating and do not place fingers near the gears.

    We suggest consulting a professional technician for any repairs or replacement needed. 

    Please do not disassemble or replace any parts of this grinder personally as there is a possibility of damage or issues in operation on reassembly.