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About Lauren Lee

I am a freelance designer and illustrator in New York City with a love for taking human emotion and visualizing them as complex, fantastical scenes. Born to immigrant parents, she believes in bringing awareness and educating minorities about the possibility of pursuing art as a fulfilling career and the steps on how to get there. She has worked as a designer with brands like Google to the NFL, but is finding her way to becoming an independent illustrator and muralist to spread a little magic to the everyday.

My weaknesses include: films with monsters in them, Harry Potter, and the crisp feeling of an untouched sketchbook.

I am open for commissions and collaborations for commercial works and brands.


About the Slow Pour x Department of Brewology Pins

We are excited to be working with the Department Of Brewology, a company that its design focused on merging both the art and science of coffee. Recently, the company released a Manufacturer's pin series in which they designed pins from six different highly esteemed companies in the specialty coffee industry.

The pins that have been featured in this project include products from: @fellowproduct, @comandantegrinder, @notneutral, @baratza, @ratiocoffee and of course your friends from @slowpoursupply. Go check out these top notche companies and their amazing products! And while you’re at it, take a look at the newly released, aesthetically pleasing pins from @departmentofbrewology!