Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee

By LoeLee

Our newly released #FlowControl pin was created for us by designer and artist Lauren Lee, who is enamored by all things whimsical. We had the opportunity to sit down with her and learn a little bit about her own creative “flow” and the things that inspire her.  

What would you say is something that inspires you in your designs?

The main inspiration for anything I design is daydreams - creating characters, scenes, or elements that are whimsical and driven by things that take us out of our everyday for just a moment.

How would you describe your style of art?

I’d say my art style is evolving, whimsical and honest. They are designed with whimsy and fun, but they come from honest feelings that society continuously suppresses.

Do you have a story behind your design with the leaves and berries for our Slow Pour pin design? How did you come up with this?
The botanical element in the pin’s design is representative of the coffee plant, but it is also inspired by the classic symbol of peace within the soul (dove with olive branch). Coffee culture is a big uniter of people and communities and brings joy to people who love the same thing.

How long have you been doing art? Do you have anyone in your life that toy feel was a key motivator or inspiration in getting to where you are now?

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I’ve been practicing illustration professionally for about two years now. The main motivator was the first boss I ever had when I was an intern at my first hob. He saw potential in me and convinced me to keep an electronic journal of hand lettering and inspiration. I never saw those things as a career option for me and that opened my eyes.

About Lauren Lee

I am a freelance designer and illustrator in New York City with a love for taking human emotion and visualizing them as complex, fantastical scenes. Born to immigrant parents, she believes in bringing awareness and educating minorities about the possibility of pursuing art as a fulfilling career and the steps on how to get there. She has worked as a designer with brands like Google to the NFL, but is finding her way to becoming an independent illustrator and muralist to spread a little magic to the everyday.

My weaknesses include: films with monsters in them, Harry Potter, and the crisp feeling of an untouched sketchbook.

I am open for commissions and collaborations for commercial works and brands.

Follow Lauren Lee on social media: @byloelee