SLOW POUR SUPPLY ® is founded in February 2018 by barista trainer and U.S.B.C. Lead Technical Judge Anita Tam. The goal of Slow Pour Supply® is to introduce new ideas and niche products into the US market, as well as to support the growth of local coffee communities across the region.

Prior to her career in the coffee industry, Anita was a professional classical musician. Drawn to the technicality of a barista's job, she drew parallels between the two crafts, which prompted her to question and rethink on the functionality of instruments and tools, and the affect they have on product quality and daily bar flow.

Here at Slow Pour Supply Co., our mission is to foster creative ideas, support diversity in competitions, and encourage multidisciplinary collaborations.

Slow Pour Supply Co. has established a successful track record in promoting unique products in the U.S. market. If you are interested in working with Slow Pour, and your company shares a common vision, please contact us at connect@slowpoursupply.com

Photo by Rory James